patientcreature (patientcreature) wrote,

Horrorfind 2009

Hello, everyone.

A very quick note: We just got home from the latest Horrorfind, in Hunt Valley, MD. I almost hesitate to write this (because you know I am superstitious, and don't want to jinx us) but it was perhaps the best time we've ever had at a convention.

Everyone was perfectly lovely, the events were very exciting for several reasons, and things went very smoothly (for a change!) I will be posting a more thorough report in a day or two, but we wanted to send special thanks to Mike and Karen Roden, Joe and Michelle Ripple, Curtis Prather, Count Gore DeVol, Doug Jones, Robert and Chris, and all the crazy boardies for making this so special.

Check back soon for more info, and pictures, too!

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