patientcreature (patientcreature) wrote,

Slate on Blobfest!

Grim is featured briefly in the video, and has a photo in the article. Please enjoy.

Re: The article, I did want to add my two cents on two of the author's points: 1-The Blob is not a bad movie. As B-horror movies go, it's actually pretty good. Not perfect- Steve McQueen is way too old to be playing a teenager, some of the supporting cast is wooden, and the story is pretty standard, but it's shot beautifully and has some good scares.

And 2- The rockabilly cover band was not "truly awful." We've seen them several times, and they are quite good. If you don't like early rock-and-roll (at this appearance, they played songs exclusively from 1958, the year of The Blob's release), that's one thing, but the band knew their stuff. That crack was a cheap shot.

Thanks for reading and watching!
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