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July Website is Up -and- Come to Blobfest

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Jul. 6th, 2007 | 02:26 pm

A small update (for now) with more coming later in the month, but be sure to read our report from Monster Bash 2007, more from Kuzibah's report on spiritualism, and a new story from Moira in "Wails from the Swale."


I also want to remind everyone we will be appearring at Blobfest next Friday and Saturday (July 13-14) in Phoenixville, PA.-- Blobfest

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from: jjbrozenske
date: Jul. 25th, 2007 11:58 am (UTC)

I met you two several years ago at Blobfest when my girl group, The Cosmos, played with The Rivers. There's a great picture of us with Grim on our website (http://www.thecosmogirls.com/). I'm so glad to have a way to keep up on your activities.

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from: patientcreature
date: Jul. 25th, 2007 12:51 pm (UTC)

I remember you guys. I still have your business card in our scrapbook. Sorry you didn't make it this year (it was bigger than ever) but we hope to see you again.

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