September 5th, 2007


The Patient Creatures present: The "Where's Moira?" Contest

As we move towards autumn, and the Patient Creatures' "busy season," our friend Moira, the screaming banshee, has been busier than most. In fact, her extensive travels have prevented her from appearing as often as she would like. But she has been quite good about sending us snapshots of her trips, so we'd like present them as part of our very first contest for our readers! Check out our 13 List page and email with your guesses for the 13 locations Moira visited in the pictures there (to keep it challenging, we've magically removed a few identifying signs.) Whoever makes the most correct guesses will win a prize package that includes our book, Essential Creatures, a set of our buttons, a set of our bookmarks, plus lots of other books, videos, and other fun stuff. In the event of a tie, winner will be determined by a random drawing of the tied entries (and we'll probably send those winning guessers who aren't drawn a consolation prize of some sort, too...) Good luck, and hope to hear from you!