Horrorfind 2009

Hello, everyone.

A very quick note: We just got home from the latest Horrorfind, in Hunt Valley, MD. I almost hesitate to write this (because you know I am superstitious, and don't want to jinx us) but it was perhaps the best time we've ever had at a convention.

Everyone was perfectly lovely, the events were very exciting for several reasons, and things went very smoothly (for a change!) I will be posting a more thorough report in a day or two, but we wanted to send special thanks to Mike and Karen Roden, Joe and Michelle Ripple, Curtis Prather, Count Gore DeVol, Doug Jones, Robert and Chris, and all the crazy boardies for making this so special.

Check back soon for more info, and pictures, too!

New Horror Anthology

Hi Everyone:

I wanted to announce a new project I’ve been working on this past year: a Horror Anthology book to benefit Scares That Care, a charity based in Maryland to benefit children’s hospitals and other children’s charities.

I’m very excited about the project. We got some great authors to contribute, some really creepy stories, and a beautiful cover by D.E. Christman, a Philadelphia-based Horror Artist who’s appeared at conventions throughout the region. Those of you familiar with the Horror Host community may recognize the names of several of the authors involved.

Please visit the website and check it out. The publisher, Tricorner, is headed up by a great guy who is giving every penny not directly involved in physically producing the book to Scares That Care if you buy it from him directly. If you wait to buy it from Amazon, that margin goes down considerably, as they (and other bookstores) take a big cut right off the top.

Thanks, and if you can, pass this along to anyone you think may be interested.

Nina Ely
(a.k.a. Kuzibah of The Patient Creatures)

Press Release:

Buy READ YOUR FEARS now at http://shop.tricornerpublishing.com/main.sc
Visit Tricorner Publishing at http://www.tricornerpublishing.com/Index.html

Spiders. Snakes. Darkness... These are the fears that begin in childhood. The ones you grow out of, right?
Moths. Mirrors. Fish... The irrational fears. The ones you can easily explain away.
Disease. Floods. Death... Not even phobias, really. Just the little anxieties of modern life...

Eleven of today's most exciting horror authors present tales of childhood fears that linger on for good reason. Because the phobias are real, and they're coming for you.
All proceeds from the purchase of this book go directly to the Scares That Care charity for children.
Elizabeth Massie - Fear of Fish
F. Paul and Meggan C. Wilson - Itsy Bitsy Spider...
John Dimes - Music for Twilight and Darkness
Thomas Tessier - Something Small and Gray, and Quick
P.D. Cacek - In the Dark
Robert Dunbar - The Folly
Joe, Keith, and Kasey Jo Lansdale - The Companion
J.L. Comeau - A Lucky Shot
Chet Williamson - The Autumn Game
Peter Crowther - Cankerman
Jack Ketchum - Snakes
featuring original cover art by D.E. Christman
edited by Nina Ely

Scares That Care is led by horror film director and retired police officer Joe Ripple, and was founded to mobilize the fan base of the horror, haunt and Halloween genres to raise funds and awareness for sick children in need. This past year, Scares That Care benefits the Johns Hopkins Children's Cancer Center.

Buy READ YOUR FEARS now at http://shop.tricornerpublishing.com/main.sc
Visit Tricorner Publishing at http://www.tricornerpublishing.com/Index.html

The Patient Creatures present: The "Where's Moira?" Contest

As we move towards autumn, and the Patient Creatures' "busy season," our friend Moira, the screaming banshee, has been busier than most. In fact, her extensive travels have prevented her from appearing as often as she would like. But she has been quite good about sending us snapshots of her trips, so we'd like present them as part of our very first contest for our readers! Check out our 13 List page and email with your guesses for the 13 locations Moira visited in the pictures there (to keep it challenging, we've magically removed a few identifying signs.) Whoever makes the most correct guesses will win a prize package that includes our book, Essential Creatures, a set of our buttons, a set of our bookmarks, plus lots of other books, videos, and other fun stuff. In the event of a tie, winner will be determined by a random drawing of the tied entries (and we'll probably send those winning guessers who aren't drawn a consolation prize of some sort, too...) Good luck, and hope to hear from you!

August Updates and Horrorfind Weekend

Hi Everyone!

We've made a few updates to the website for August, including a report from Blobfest, a new poem from Moira, and the final part of Kuzibah's report of spiritualism in True Ghost Stories.

We also wanted to remind everyone that we will be appearing this weekend at the Horrorfind Weekend of Horror, the East's premier horror event, this weekend in Hunt Valley, MD. Be sure to attend our storytelling hour on Saturday at 1:15 p.m. in Salon E & F. This session is appropriate for all ages, so be sure to bring your favorite young person. Hope to see you there!

Slate on Blobfest!


Grim is featured briefly in the video, and has a photo in the article. Please enjoy.

Re: The article, I did want to add my two cents on two of the author's points: 1-The Blob is not a bad movie. As B-horror movies go, it's actually pretty good. Not perfect- Steve McQueen is way too old to be playing a teenager, some of the supporting cast is wooden, and the story is pretty standard, but it's shot beautifully and has some good scares.

And 2- The rockabilly cover band was not "truly awful." We've seen them several times, and they are quite good. If you don't like early rock-and-roll (at this appearance, they played songs exclusively from 1958, the year of The Blob's release), that's one thing, but the band knew their stuff. That crack was a cheap shot.

Thanks for reading and watching!

A review of "Essential Creatures"

The Tombkeeper on Count Gore's site reviews our book Essential Creatures and other selections from our friend, writer P.D. Cacek, in The Tomb. Ms Cacek is also interviewed in The Vault. Count Gore is a beloved Horror Host from way back and the "Godfather" of internet Horror Hosting, as well as a dear friend.

And if you want to buy your own copy of Essential Creatures, be sure to stop by Tricorner Publishing's on-line store.